Invasive Plant Removal Tool Library

Invasive Tool Library

WREC has two Pullerbears and a set of soil knives that are handy in invasive plant removal.  These will be used for both invasive removal work days, and will be available to loan out to community members that have invasive plants that need to be removed.  Tools can be checked out for 2 weeks at a time.  Borrowers will need to pick up and drop off the tools at WREC’s office in the Big Four Depot.  Pick up and drop off times will be arranged after submitting a form through the link below.

The Pullerbear is a heavy duty tool that is great for wrenching shrubs and small trees out of the ground.  It has jagged teeth and a jaw that will close when pressure is applied.  Those teeth and jaw clamp on to the base of a small tree or shrub, then you just push down on the lever and the invasive plant is wrenched out of the ground, roots and all!

Soil knives, also known as gardening knives or hori hori knives, are a Japanese gardening tool similar to a hand-held spade.  Soil knives are incredibly sturdy and have both a sharp edge and a serrated edge.  They are great for loosening soil, prying out herbaceous plants, and sawing through thick weeds.
*Photo 1 is the end of a pullerbear. The jagged teeth clamp around the base of a shrub, and the long handle is used as a lever to wrench the shrub out of the soil. Photo 2 below is a soil knife. 

Request a Tool!

Tools can be borrowed for 1 week at a time. Please enter the date you wish to use the tool, and we will work to make that date mid-way through your week check-out period. Please allow 1 week lead time for us to process this request.