About Us

Our River. Our Responsibility.

We lead community efforts to develop long range plans to improve the riverfront, the river corridor, and water quality; and then we engage the community in their implementation.


Achievement through Partnerships

WREC benefits from deeply entrenched local support and strong community partnerships. The formation of WREC in 2004 was the direct result of the “1999-2001 Lafayette-West Lafayette/Tippecanoe County Vision 2020” which identified enhancement of the Wabash River Corridor as a top priority, and early formational leadership was provided by North Central Health Services. WREC actively partners with the Cities of Lafayette and West Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, and Purdue University and through these well-established partnerships accomplish great things on behalf of the Wabash River.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in the Wabash River Corridor by creating sustainable opportunities to improve health, recreation, education, economic development, and environmental management.

What We Do

Transforming the River Corridor

WREC has raised over $2.6 million for the completion of long range plans for the entire 31 miles of river corridor in Tippecanoe County. These plans call for trail improvements, additional bicycle and pedestrian bridges, and green spaces to connect communities to each other and to the river. Ultimately, these plans will spur new economic development and improved environmental management along the corridor. Early implementation accomplishments include designation of River Road in West Lafayette as a State Scenic Byway, the acquisition of over 29 strategic corridor properties, valued at $7.5 million, and environmental assessment and cleanup work.

WREC also works in local watersheds to directly improve water quality in the Wabash River implementing more than $2.5 million in on-the-ground water quality improvement projects. WREC and its local partners have sparked water quality improvement projects in the Greater Lafayette community, such as the installation of rain barrels, rain gardens, native plantings, stormwater management alternatives, and agricultural best management practices.


From watershed development to bike trails, we are proud of the work we've done in bringing life back to the river and the surrounding corridor.


All of our work is made possible through community philanthropy and available grants, and we ensure transparency by making that information available.


As the custodian of the Wabash River and surrounding corridor, we monitor and record information such as water quality and invasive species.

Who We Are

Board of Directors

WREC is governed by a ten-member board of directors. Daily operations are maintained by staff members.

Tony Roswarski

Mayor, City of Lafayette
Board President (2005 - Present)

John Dennis

Mayor, City of West Lafayette
Board Treasurer (2008 - Present)

Tom Murtagh

Tippecanoe County
Commissioner Representative
Board Vice President (2007 - Present)

Jody Hamilton

Tippecanoe County Council Representative
(2022 - Present)

Ken Sandel

Purdue University Office of the President Representative
(2013 - Present)

Claudine Laufman

City of Lafayette Parks and Recreation Board Representative
(2015 - Present)

Kathryn Lozano

City of West Lafayette Parks and Recreation Board Representative
(2018 - Present)

John Gambs

Tippecanoe County Parks and Recreation Board Representative
(2004 - Present)

John Collier

Community Representative at Large
(2005 - Present)

Jim Andrew

Community Representative at Large
(2013 - Present)

The Wabash River Enhancement Corporation Board of Directors meets the last Thursday of odd months (January, March, May, July, September, and November).

WREC Staff

Stanton Lambert

Executive Director

Amy Krzton-Presson

Watershed Coordinator

Madison Neher

Resource Specialist/Educator

Emily Taylor


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