Go Green at Home

Plant Trees

Native trees are trees that originated in this region and are adapted to the local climate.


Trees provide so many benefits to our communities.  They shade homes and reduce cooling costs in the summer, they clean the air we breathe, they improve our mental health, they dampen sound from traffic, and they soak up tons of rainwater.  On average, residences with properly placed trees experience 27% lower summer costs and 15% lower winter costs. Properties which contain quality tree canopies are valued 5 to 15% higher than properties which lack trees. 

It is estimated that one mature deciduous tree can catch over 5,000 gallons of rainwater per year.  Trees have a significant, positive impact on the environment and reduce the money needed for stormwater control.  During photosynthesis, trees take in carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen while their leaves trap and hold pollutants like dust and smoke.  Annually, a healthy tree stores 13 pounds of carbon.  Trees also filter chemicals and sediment from runoff, hold soil in place, reduce polluted runoff over soil by holding water in their leaves and bark, and absorb and block noise and unsightly views – all of which helps reduce the flow of polluted water into the Wabash River.

Native trees can be purchased locally at the Tippecanoe Soil and Water Conservation District’s annual fall Native Tree and Shrub sale or from the Land Nursery in West Lafayette. 


Approved Tree List for Lafayette

DNR Tree Nurseries