2010 Tippecanoe County Farmers Survey

Farmers throughout Tippecanoe County were queried on their opinions about and connection to the land in 2010. Results of the survey indicate that farmers feel a strong connection to the land, specifically the land on which they farm. Respondents indicate a strong desire to protect their land, a willingness to accept input from local and governmental agencies to be more productive and a desire to do the right thing for their land more than for the Wabash River.

Survey Results

  • More than 85% of farmers want to continue to live in Tippecanoe County.

  • Nearly 80% of farmers identify with the lifestyles and values of people who live in Tippecanoe County with nearly 90% indicating that Tippecanoe County is a good place to raise a family.

  • 95% of farmers indicated a willingness to help their neighbors with 88% indicating that they can depend on their neighbors and friends if they need help.

  • Nearly 50% of farmers indicate that farm-based compensation should be based on the productivity of the land.

  • 92% of the farmers indicate their awareness that location and slope can contribute larger volumes of pollutants than other fields.

  • Most farmers reject the concept that fields with higher potential water quality impacts should be subject to stricter regulations or receive higher priority for funding opportunities.

  • Nearly 70% of farmers indicate that concern with unfamiliar practices, their impact on productivity and crop yields and potential interference from funding agencies as the main limitations of accepting monies to implement conservation practices.

  • 95% of farmers indicate that successful farmers are those that continuously evaluate environmental impacts to their farm and adopt new approaches to protect the environment.